Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweater Sets for Bundles of Love

I did these four sets for Bundles of Love, the group that AC4C donated to this past March. Links and patterns will be posted shortly, a few are Hilary's a few are Deb's (her link is in an earlier post), and I have to sort out my bookmarks and notes for the others. I will work it out between appointments this week.

Edit to add: Here are the patterns!

The patterns for the blue/brown variegated set are Bella Bambina's Cardigan for Babies, the hat from Deb's Crafts Newborn Sweater Set, and a bootie pattern designed by Hilary. (She'll be posting the pattern here later - keep an eye out for it!) The hat and booties for the pastel variegated set were also made using Deb's Newborn Sweater Set. The lime green set was made using Crotiques' 1-Hour Baby Sweater, 1-Hour Hat, and 1-Hour Booties. The light blue set was made using Lion Brand's Simple Baby Set. Happy crocheting! :-)

Hilary's sweaters for charity....

Hilary did these three sweater sets for last month's charity, Bundles of Love. The group we belong to donated to them for March. Links and patterns will be posted in the next few days!

Edit to add: Here are all the patterns Hilary used! Some of them Hilary designed herself, and she'll post them on our blog sometime soon! The pink variegated kimono sweater is from Crochet Me, but Hilary resized the pattern for a newborn. The hat is from Deb's Crafts Newborn Sweater Set with a couple crocheted flowers sewn on, and the booties are her own pattern. The green variegated set was made using Deb's Amy's Newborn Cardigan, and Hilary's own bonnet and bootie patterns. The yellow and white set was made with Bella Bambina's Cardigan for Babies, the same hat as in the pink set, and once again Hilary's own booties.

A gift for Jer

Hilary loves to make gifts for her family along with her charity work. This Jiggly Puff was made for the youngest in our family,it was his favorite Pokemon when he was around 5. He was so pleasantly surprised by his sister's thoughtfulness. As Hilary gets the hang of crocheting a little more and gets quicker at it she hopes to make toys for charities to go along with the other items we have already been doing. The pattern can be found here.

Orion and Lotto

Lotto (Hilary's cat) has a new friend named Orion. Hilary made this adorable dragon. I will post a more detailed picture and a link for the pattern in the next day or pop back in and take a look.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hilary is at it again. Meet Pipkin, her new little friend. This is from a Lion brands pattern.
She adjusted the ears by going back and forth using half the number of stitches called for in each round to make each row, she then slip-stitched all around for an edge. She did not like the rounded tube-like ears when she made them and decided to make this change.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Blanket from February's Projects

This blanket was made for the Navy Relief project along with those squares and washcloths. There is a great story behind these squares. The very, very center of each one was done by a woman who passed on. Her family donated yarn to me for my projects and asked if I would finish the squares and put them to use. So, I added the rest of the colored yarn that was in the bag to them, but the squares were so small still and very open. I then took a soft cream colored yarn and increased each square to about 7 inches. I put them together and then added two rounds of double crochet. To get this look it is basically a granny for three or four rounds, then in the main color, double crochet in each stitch and space around, in the corner spaces, dc twice, ch2, and dc twice, for as many rounds as it takes to get to 7 or 8 inches. Join the squares and then double crochet around the whole blanket as above for two rounds or more as desired. Not much of a pattern, but I do really like this blanket.