Monday, April 26, 2010

Hilary's sweaters for charity....

Hilary did these three sweater sets for last month's charity, Bundles of Love. The group we belong to donated to them for March. Links and patterns will be posted in the next few days!

Edit to add: Here are all the patterns Hilary used! Some of them Hilary designed herself, and she'll post them on our blog sometime soon! The pink variegated kimono sweater is from Crochet Me, but Hilary resized the pattern for a newborn. The hat is from Deb's Crafts Newborn Sweater Set with a couple crocheted flowers sewn on, and the booties are her own pattern. The green variegated set was made using Deb's Amy's Newborn Cardigan, and Hilary's own bonnet and bootie patterns. The yellow and white set was made with Bella Bambina's Cardigan for Babies, the same hat as in the pink set, and once again Hilary's own booties.


  1. These are must be very proud of your daughter. I tried teaching my oldest dd to crochet last summer....unfortunately, I ha no idea how to teach a leftie at the time (now I do!) and she lost interest/got frustrated....I hope she tries again.