Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Washcloths!

Here are the washcloths that went along with those squares!


During the Olympics I was involved in a squares challenge, 25 went into a blanket I made, 6 were cotton terry washcloths and the rest were sent off to be joined into blankets for babies. The beneficiary this time around was Navy Relief for their Junior Seabag Program! I belong to a great Yahoo group that does work for various charities all year round. If you craft and have time to donate a few things I highly recommend AC4C.

The pattern for the bulk of these squares can be found on my cousin, Deb's, blog. She was inspirational in my starting to crochet in earnest for charity. Deb's patterns are easy to use and her work is beautiful!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hilary has been experimenting with making stuffed animals. She wants to include some when we send blankets and sweaters to children in various places. Oberon the Octopus is her first attempt. He is really adorable. I will post a link a little later for the pattern she used.
Edit to add: This is a pattern from Lion brand yarn's website. Hilary used two strands together, one was a Red Heart Super Saver in orchid and the other was called Bling-Bling, it is a textured yarn like fun fur, boa, etc. She did not add a mouth as she liked him better without.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My name is Marie and I have known how to crochet, sew and do other types of crafts for many years. My beautiful daughter Hilary has an MFA in Art. She takes every craft I teach her and turns it into beautiful, creative work and always impresses me. Together we have started crafting for charities. We try to donate some things every month. We figure that every little bit one can do to help others adds up over time. Our new motto is helping stitch at a time.