Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Donations for Touching Little Lives

The group we belong to online, AC4C, donated items to Touching Little Lives during the month of September. These items are going into the mail tomorrow morning for the babies this wonderful group helps.
Hilary made the yellow set, as well as the hat and booties for the variegated set. I made that sweater and the 43 squares. The hats and the squares are patterns from my wonderful cousin, Deb and are on her great blog! I will update with the pattern for the variegated when I have time, I played with a bunch of different patterns and mish-mashed it into a sweater/jacket type thing. It seems like it will be nice and warm. I will have Hilary let us all know which sweater pattern she used as soon as she is well from her kidney infection!!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Marie & Hillary! You both do beautiful work and thanks for your dedication to the babies.

    Betsy, (also a AC4C member)